Can't delete dumbo do or die

I copied day one of two day dumbo do or die plan and can’t delete it. I even deleted the entire plan - re entered it and that tour is still on the same day. thanks for help.

I moved it to a date a month after we leave and it no longer shows up…weird you can’t delete it!

someone REALLY wants you to do dumbo @MicKay!!! :wink:

You should be able to to delete plans you have made on your dashboard. If you scroll down the bottom right corner it lists your plans with a convenient delete button.

thanks, didn’t have any idea I had to move way down, thought I could just delete it. fixed

Yes, we probably will but it was the first time I tried anything and…wanted it off. thanks.


If you go to your dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page, on the bottom right it says Personalized Touring Plans. There it has all the plans you’ve ever made and next to it a (Delete) option. Took me forever to find it. I was changing the dates so it wouldn’t show up on my plans.