Can't Decide on Restaurants. WWYD?

Hi all! My husband, bless him, booked a trip for us this Thanksgiving to celebrate my birthday. We’re staying at the Contemporary and I’d really like to try some new-to-me restaurants this trip. So far I’ve decided I’m going to try for a Liberty Tree Tavern ADR on Thanksgiving day and we’d like to try 50’s Prime Time because we never have. But I really don’t know where to eat in Epcot or Animal Kingdom.

We’ve done everything but Tiffins in AK and I don’t think I want to spend two dining credits on Tiffins. I was thinking we may just do 2 Epcot restaurants, but I can’t decide where. We’ve only eaten in Mexico, Japan, and Norway in the World Showcase. We’ve also done Garden Grill and Coral Reef. I can’t decide which two to try out of these:

Restaurant Marrakesh
Spice Road Table
Via Napoli
Nine Dragons
Rose and Crown
Chefs de France

I’d prefer to eat in the parks since we’re not big breakfast people and I don’t want to spend time traveling to resorts.

Which two would you choose?? WWYD?


C d F has nice food and a quite civilised environment. Are you there for F&W?

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No, after F&W. We’re going for Thanksgiving week. My birthday is the day before Thanksgiving – I was thinking Chefs may make a good birthday meal.

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I think that it is quite authentic French bistro food.

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We’ve done Chefs de France a few times, and we’ve always had a great experience. We’ve also enjoyed Rose & Crown, especially ending our day dining out by the water and finishing with an Illuminations viewing from our table.

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I would pass on Nine Dragons as I find it to be less than par to many Chinese restaurants available to me locally and the ambiance is nothing special.

Marrakesh would be a good choice … but I didn’t see Le Cellier on your list, which I find to be an excellent Epcot restaurant.


Isn’t Le Cellier 2 dining credits? I may not be able to talk my husband into that one!

I forgot about Le Cellier, probably because it wasn’t on the original list. I’ve never eaten there, but have heard only really good things.

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Yes it is. Perhaps you might share plates at Tiffins.

My DH and I love Spice Road - great spot to watch Illuminations. Of course it will be Epcot forever when you are there, but perhaps might still be good to watch?

We do love Tiffins as well. I would say you could definitely split a meal if you and DH have similar food tastes and are okay with a slightly lighter meal. The food is spectacular and they have great cocktails.


Can you split a meal if you use the dining plan? I was under the impression that you couldn’t. But, now I’m starting to wonder if I should pay OOP for Tiffins and Le Cellier and split a meal with the hubs!

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You can split on the DP unless its a buffet or character meal I think.

My first pick would be Spice Road Table. We had a great meal with excellent service there recently.
My second pick would probably be Via Napoli (although Chef de France is another good choice).


done all but 9 dragons
here are my faves

1 Restaurant Marrakesh
2 Spice Road Table
3 Via Napoli
4 Rose and Crown
5 chefs de France
6 Biergarten
pretty much in the order you listed


I’ve never used the DDP, but feel like I’ve seen people talk about it like you can. Hopefully someone will chime in with firm feedback!

Can’t imagine how they would prevent you from doing it. They can’t force you to order your own meal and can’t prevent you from eating off your partner’s plate. :woman_shrugging:

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Chefs de France and rose and crown would be my choices.

As far as tiffins. I would do the rol dining package out of pocket. Excellent value.


Although we had excellent service at Chefs de France, the food wasn’t that great IMHO. DD and I preferred Monsieur Paul (which is a 2 dining credit meal). We went to Rose & Crown in April 2017 and we weren’t that impressed there, either. All three of us (DH, DD, and I) absolutely HATED Via Napoli. My pizza crust was burnt, the waiter was haughty, and neither DH or DD liked their food at all. However, DD and I went to Biergarten at Christmas and absolutely loved it! Sat across from a relatively negative person, so that wasn’t that great. We would definitely go there again.

However, I should say that we have special dietary restrictions and so that is a consideration. Some restaurants do dietary restrictions well and others not so well. That may be why Chefs de France and Rose & Crown weren’t to our liking. DH couldn’t eat at Biergarten at all and ended up dining alone at Akershus while we were at Biergarten.

I would love to try Restaurant Marrakesh and Spice Road Table!


We love Chefs de France. My son decided he loves steak because of that restaurant. Unfortunately, their steak is of much better quality than the steaks around us or that I can afford when we’re not on vacation, lol.


My daughter loves all things French, so I’m thinking this is one we have to try for her – and I’ve always thought it looked like a nice restaurant as I walked by. I’m leaning towards it and Restaurant Marrakesh, I think.
At Marrakesh, does anyone know when they have the music and the dancers?


Hmm - somehow I’ve managed to fat finger something and withdraw my post. Very annoying, as it takes me forever to type on my phone…

Anyway, did you eat at La Hacienda or the Cantina? I would highly recommend LaH if you haven’t eaten there (or even if you have).

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