Can't decide on or offsite

We have decided to visit in January, the 60 day fastpass window is about to open for onsite guests. But we can’t make a decision on where to stay. What happens if I book a room only onsite reservation, select my fastpass and then we find a better deal offsite. Will I loose my fastpass? We bought tickets from undercover tourist before the price change because we new we would visit in 2019. Disney website says I can cancel without penalty until 5 days before our dates


Unless I absolutely have to, I will always stay on site. Being in the ‘‘bubble’’ is priceless for our family. Just one guy’s humble opinion though… :wink:

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You won’t lose your FP if you’re inside 30 days for all your park days.


I’d book a value onsite and make FPP, then you’ve got 30 days to decide whether to stay onsite or not

If it’s just a room only reservation you should be able to cancel past the 30 day window so you should be fine. Just be sure not to miss your window for full credit.

If you can make it work to stay on site, and want that true Disney feel, that would be the direction I would go.

I hear you. We’re kind of in that question for our next trip. Have gotten so spoiled staying onsite most previous trips.

I think we’re leaning offsite next time, b/c we’ve spent so much the last 2 visits especially.

I guess I’ll wait for the family’s consensus. Sometimes as we get closer to the planning time, we go every 2 years, some of the fam start thinking more expensively haha.

Staying in the bubble is great. But just being at Disney each day is also great. Visited both ways over the years, it’s a great time whichever place we’ve stayed.

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The rest have touched on the answer, but I will be very direct about it.

If you are inside of 30 days from your last fastpass when you cancel, you are 100% certain to not lose your fastpasses.

If you are outside that window, it is possible that Disney could cancel your fastpasses, but unlikely.

Given that you have until 5 days before arrival to cancel with no penalty (US Customers; others may have restrictions), I would wait to cancel until you’re inside the 30 day window, and then think nothing of it.


Thanks everyone, I went ahead and made our reservations for Pop. Now I’ll just plan our fastpasses and try to decide exactly where we want to stay.
Thanks again for all your info