Can't decide about Epcot EMH

Please help me decide…EPCOT EMH yes or no???

HI! I really can’t decide about EMH at Epcot on Tuesday, May 28th.

Group of 7, offsite with 3 throw away nights booked (this basically prepays for parking!)

Here are our plans (I am trying to chill a bit on this trip and not plan every minute!)

Saturday, May 25th
Travel day (drive from Memphis)

Sunday, May 26th
grocery store, hang out at house
Magic Kingdom for a few hours
DH and I have reservations for Skipper Canteen at 6:00 pm
(oldest DD’s flight arrives at 10:30)

Monday, May 27th
*I am struggling with using FPP here after EMM or saving them for night
The current plan is to go to EPCOT (If we attend EMH Tuesday we would go to MK with FPP)
this is really my main “issue”…MK at night with FPP (memorial day) or EPCOT!!

Tuesday, May 28th
sleep-in then go to a water park from 10-1
either MK with FPP or EPCOT EMH with FPP
**I really can’t makeup my mind about this!!

Wednesday, May 29th
rope drop AK with FPP
Tusker House ADR
open-we will make plans there (probably Epcot)

Thursday, May 30th
sleep-in/water park from (10-1)
HS with FPP
Mama Melrose

Friday, May 31st
open-will make plans there
AK with FPP

Saturday, June 1st
open-probably a relaxing morning at house
Whispering Canyon
MK with FPP

Sunday, June 2nd
MK with FPP
open-will make plans while there

Monday, June 3rd
travel day

I know this is long but my traveling party just can’t help me plan! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really need to quit “stressing” over this! :thinking:

Any suggestions? Memorial Day…not sure what to think regarding crowds…Magic Kingdom or Epcot for our nite park? Then Tuesday…a lazy morning…do we go to Epcot or MK???

We have never done a EMH at night…I am so torn and for some reason I simply can’t decide!!

Then I can’t decide if Epcot is a “waste of FPP” park…
I am on Spring Break and want to have everything ready for my FPP window in 2 weeks.

Am I correct in assuming you’ll have hoppers?


I am worried about crowds after EMM at TSL (love all these acronyms!) I have read we will have time to do RnR and ToT after EMM but since it is Memorial day I am worried about crowds…

so, If we use FPP there in the morning we will go to EPCOT Monday night (I think) and then do MK Tuesday with FPP…

My middle DD (20) just sat and looked over things with me!! She says FPP at HS then EPCOT Monday night! Thanks for reading! Glad to have made a decision!!!

I’d make the decision on what FP you’d like to use at HS after EMM. You will definitely be able to walk on RNR or TOT if you choose to. I’d assume that if you did the walk on to RNR, that TOT would be a 10 minute wait. If you leave tsl emm and go to RNR, you’ll be held on the street in front of the rope drop crowd, so you’ll pretty much be on the first few rides of rnr or tot.

If it were me - I’d think about doing RNR, TOT, and then having the emm breakfast. and then maybe having a leisurely time in DHS - maybe doing a few shows, or wathcing the storm trooper march, or watching a Jedi training session. Then bugging out to chill in the pool until going to whatever park you plan fp’s for later.

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Thank you so much for replying! :heart_eyes:

I am of no help, but I just want you to know I stress too. My family thinks I’m crazy and just say Whatever you want. No help. Just wanted you to know I understand.

Thank you!!! I have been planning like crazy this week…they are all tired of me talking about WDW!!

PS-this is my new favorite forum…Been a member for awhile but never noticed forum!

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HI. We attended the Epcot EMH last night and the lines were crazy long!

I am glad we went because it was nice to walk through World Showcase…but no quick rides on headliners.