Can't change TP to include EE

Hi…am I doing something wrong? I will have EE as we’re staying on-site for one night. But I can’t change the start time of the TP to 8am! No matter what I try - manually inputting and even creating several different versions, including the 2-day/2-park template.

Can someone tell me how to fix this - pretty please?

When are you going? If its after April 8th you need to wait until Universal releases details of which park. TPs software works on confirmed EPA hours only. If its before April 8th its at IOA only opening at 8am.

Thanks @mumcalsop. That answers my question nicely! We’re not going till August so that explains why the TP software is not allowing me to change the time.

I assume Early Park Admission will be for IOA during mid-late August when I am going. If you can give me any tips on how to tackle the Wizarding World, I would be grateful. We will have just checked into the RPR (only staying one night to take advantage of the Unlimited Passes for 2 days. Ideally, we want to hit FJ first (and maybe ride it twice) and then get the Express train over the USF and get in line for Gringotts. Is that all do-able in the first hour?

I found when I went during the summer that my most productive Wizarding World time was in the evening. If your family is capable of staying until close, I think you will find touring the Wizarding World in the last couple hours the park is open to be more efficient and more comfortable due to the lower temperatures. When we did EE, I felt like every person in the park was heading to Forbidden Journey, thus making the line longer than it was at several other times of the day. I am by no means saying that the EE time is not beneficial, but I felt evening was better. Read the wwohp book in this link it is soo good ( and free) Do whatever park has EPA if its both then do DA and Gringotts then hop to Hogsmead. Avoid both wwohp areas between11.30 and 5.30. DA is best toured at night though. . If you have younger kids or scared non riders make use of child swap It is fab. The cinematic spectacular is pretty rubbish in my opinion so use the time for rides instead. Walking path from RPR is super quick. If there is no taxi boat at the dock then walking is quicker. Its a nice walk in the morning. RPR has grab and go coffee etc if you want but there are to go cups in the room so we just took them with us and had fruit and cerial bars then had breakfast around 10 am in 3 broomsticks. a little out of date but the yellow line is the walk between the 2 parks and I have done it in 4 mins. ( just to give you an idea of scale)

Thank you both for your very useful comments and advice. I will definitely check that ebook out. And I think we may choose the walking option as I’ve heard it’s faster and drops you off to a point nearer to the IOA entrance.