Can't book WAT

After hearing all of the reports on WAT I was so excited for my family to give it a try. But my youngest will be just shy of being 8 years old when we go. She already meets the height requirement and I know she would stay completely engaged for the three hours. Are they very strict on the age limit? I guess they have your birthdate off of the MB so no skirting that one.

Yes. Age matters. And trying to get around it could have unfortunate consequences should something go amiss during the tour. You’d find yourself struggling to be covered under any liability insurances if you deliberately went against the stated age limit.

No I get it. And I wouldn’t try to get around it if the age is hardfast. Just bummed. But I guess we can plan for another time! Also I think we will book Caring for Giants instead which was actually my original plan before I got so excited about WAT! I know my whole family would think crossing the rope bridge over the alligator pit is the coolest thing ever! But alas we will have to wait.