Can't book fastpasses till 1 week out, no big rides which should I pick

I can’t book my fast passes until 1 week prior. I know that FOP, SD, Alien Saucers will be done. What should I do?? Book other rides for early morning and keep looking. Do any more get released? What is the best time to visit toy story land without fast passes for any of them

Calling @OBNurseNH. Your Expertise is required.

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Hard to say specifically which ones to pick. Only 1 week out things may be very limited depending on the crowd levels the time you are going. I think your best bet will be to focus on riding your priority attractions first thing each morning at rope drop to avoid long waits.

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This. And if you’re there at park closing or, depending on the ride, during a parade/major show, those can also be times with lower waits. Maybe Toy Story lines will be shorter during Fantasmic?

When you book your FP, I’d advise you to take a quick look at the rides you’d ideally like to get FP for. You never know, you could get lucky.

It sounds like you want to try and get a sense of what FP you might be able to get. Do you have the “Unofficial Guide” book? There is a table showing day-of fastness availability for each park. You may want to take a look to see what FP will be most likely to be available.

Not to be too nosy, but why the delay? Off site folks can book up to 30 days before. If you’re going to be off the grid during the time that your FP booking window opens up, you could always have someone else try to get some FP for you, whether it’s a friend, family member, or travel agent. Worst case scenario, you cancel the FP they get for you and rebook. Best case, you end up with better FP.

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We only get 7 days because we are receiving tickets from a castmember.


You’ll need to rope drop for Pandora (esp for FOP) and TSL. For both, I would arrive an hour before rope drop and ride those things first. You should be able to ride both rides in Pandora within the first hour and possibly all three in TSL (my family arrived later and had a longer wait).

I would make FPP for the second, third, and fourth hour of park operation.

I would definitely keep checking back, but would not rely on the possibility of getting those.

Q: why are you limited to booking 1 week prior??

I don’t know anything about CM tickets. Is it possible for the CM to link those tickets to your profile(s) sooner than that?

They can’t link. They would be doing the fastpasses or I will through their login but they only get 7 days in advance. Im hoping to find the best advice on which fastpasses to choose b/c all the major ones will be gone or at 5-6pm

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I would just focus then on getting ones that you want. There will still be plenty of things available in the earlier hours of park operation.

My wife’s aunt works at WDW. Twice, we took advantage of the relationship and she got us in to the parks for free…BUT, there was a catch. There were no actual tickets. She had to literally escort us into the parks at the time. I’m sure it is different now. But while it was nice to get in “free”, I couldn’t help but feel we were putting her out since she had to frame her morning around getting us there! I’m glad to hear they at least have tickets now.

But, the downside is the last of “perks” you otherwise get. Hard to complain with free, though!

There is also the option of leaving TSL and Pandora until the end of the evening. I think lines drop down to around 30-45 minutes at FoP, for example.

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That is also a good option. I waited 75 minutes when getting in line around 8:45 on a 10pm close