Can't ADR at a list of restaurants through any IT - how to fix?

Slightly freaking out as not long till my ADR day. I can book MOST restaurants through PC or mobile app or mobile site, but a weird selection seem impossible. Eg Via Napoli, Boma, Prime Time and Homecomin’ are all in the “weird” list whereas eg Tiffins, Be Our Guest, Chef Mickey are all fine and book perfectly. It isn’t an availability issue - it’s not that “hard to get” restaurants are unavailable, it’s that I can’t even see availability at all for the “weird” ones. If I try on app (even well inside 60 days) it says “Please try again We’re having trouble loading this screen@” and if I try through PC it says “We were unable to check for available tables at this time. A problem may have occurred while looking for availability. Please ensure if you have a valid resort reservation, it is linked to your My Disney Experience account and try again.” What I have tried already

-Testing on a day that is definitely open (it isn’t a “60 day window” issue
-Logging in through incongnito window
-Logging in on a different account
-Booking via the “general” list - these restaurants appear in the “other” category but don’t show availability
-Logging in through app, desktop with Chrome, desktop with Safari, mobile browser on phone

What on earth am I missing? Are reservations open for others for these places? This has been happening for several days so isn’t a momentary glitch…

Have you tried going to the specific restaurant page and searching from there, rather than from a list?

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Yep! Doesn’t work from the individual restaurant pages and also doesn’t appear as available in the list (it appears in the “other” category if you do a general search or not appears at all, it does not appear not the not available category)

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I didn’t have any issues making reservations for Boma (very limited availability) and Homecomin’ (always limited) earlier in the week.

Confirmed this seems to be a problem for (and UK app) users. It’s fine on the US site but not working for us across the pond :cry::cry::cry:

Do you have a vpn app you can use?

Oh, I was just going to say that I’ve been looking if Sci Fi will be available at 60 days and I’m getting the same message. I haven’t had an issue with any others. But we’re in the UK too. I’ll have to teach my friend about VPNs as well as Disney.