Can't add World of Colour to TP

Since a few days ago errors have been coming up on my touring plan. DCA closes at 8pm on the day we are going (28th April) but world of colour is not until 8.30.

For when we are in the park do we just stay around and inside the closed park until it starts or what happens there? In regards to TouringPlans it won’t allow me to add it because its listed after planned closing time and i can’t extend the closing time.

To get a good seat should we do the dining thing or is getting a fast-pass first thing in the morning good enough - does a fast-pass guarantee a seat?


Yes, you just “stay around” - but by 8:00PM you will be wanting to find a place to watch WoC.

There are no seats for WoC; it’s standing only.

I HIGHLY recommend doing a dining package. I did the Carthay Circle package, and not only was it the best meal I’ve had at DLR, but the reserved section was in a great location.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been there, so in case procedures have changed, I’ll defer to more recent attendees for more specific info.

If things are still the way they were a number of years ago (the first time I saw WoC and used the FP), getting the FP guarantees that you will get into one of the designated viewing areas. But these areas are quite large, and position within them is first come first serve. I had no idea of how things worked that first time, and when I got to the queuing area about 30 min prior to showtime, there were already hundreds of people ahead of me waiting to get in. Being a single gut, I was able to snake through the gathered crowd in the virwing area and find a tiny spot of ground where I had a mostly unobstructed view, but if I had been a family of four, I would have been stuck far back in the crowd with a much less than desirable view. The lesson I learned from that was to do the dining package. When I used it, I showed up 15 min before showtime and had an almost perfect view…

If you plan to dine at any of the restaurants, then do the WOC dining. We had a group of 8-10 people last Nov, got blue section FPs. Showed up an hour to line up, instead of following the rest of the crowd who headed towards tiered area, we went to the bridge leading towards Ariel’s Grotto, ended up by railing. The bottom 2 was our view.