Can't add Space Mountain to touring plan?

I can’t seem to add Space Mountain?? I click add attraction, click “yes” to child swap and then there’s not place to proceed. Can anyone help??

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tagging @daybreaker and @len

also, can you provide a public link to your plan, please? maybe we can see better what’s going on. thanks!

Are you on an iPad? If so swipe to scroll down and you’ll see the button.

Here’s my plan. I’m on a mac using safari. I will try another browser and see if that corrects the problem.

I’d try scrolling down to see if the “save” button appears. If not, let me know and we can move the button up.

I was able to add Space Mountain, using Chrome on Windows. Let me know if there aren’t scroll bars on those pop-up windows, though.

In Safari there is not an option to scroll. I was able to open in Chrome and see how it should work and fix the problem. Thanks for the follow up - I had forgotten to post back here :slight_smile: