Canoeing at FW?

Hi, everybody! So I saw a photo of folks canoeing at Fort Wilderness. Looks awesome, but I'm just wondering -- if we're not allowed to swim or play in the lake water because of our fear of brain-eating bacteria, why would they let us canoe in it? Surely people fall out of their canoes all the time! Can you really canoe there?

I saw kayaks on the dock at CBR -- that looks fun too! smile

@Armadillo_Alert might have better info. She's my go to liner for all things FW.

The canoeing is on the little creek that runs thru the campground not on Bay Lake. They also have the pedal powered boats.

The last time I was at FW (December), the water was so low in the creek, you could hardly go anywhere.

There were a couple canoes in the water over Labor Day weekend.