Candlelight Processional

Hello all!

I am so excited because my husband surprised me with a Candlelight processional package for December 6th. With the package, how early do we need to get into the line in order to get good seats? I think he got the 8:15 showing.

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We had a 420 reservation at Marrakech and I seem to recall getting in line at around 7. The line for ticket holders was already pretty long but we got good seats, near the center, for the 4 of us. This was during Thanksgiving week, which was pretty crowded to begin with (8-9 level days).

We went last year about that same time and also did the dinner package. We got in line about 30-45 min before the show and was shocked how long the line was! But the line moved fast and we got excellent seats.

Thank you @splashmommy! I feel much better about getting in line about 45 minutes early!