Candlelight Processional?

I am thinking of switching our CP reservation from 3:55 to 4:35 to give us a bit more time to make it since it is the day we are flying in (I know, I’m taking a risk). However, I don’t want to be pushed to the late show (we’re 6:45 pm right now) and Disney is currently closed. Can anyone on here tell me if you know the window that dictates what show you will attend?

I don‘t know the exact window, but we had a 5:15 reservation and saw the 8:15 show.

I’m not sure how it’s assigned but I was originally in for the early show but called and they were nice enough to change our CP showing to the 6:45 without touching our Biergarten dining time. Good luck.

I think the cutoff is 5PM, but don’t rely on that without independent verification. We have a 4:15 PM “dinner” reservation for the 6:45 PM show.

On Sat 12/15 we have a 4:00 dinner and got the 6:45 show.

Thanks all! I called and found out your dining reservation has to be 2.5 hours prior to the show, so for a 6:45 pm show, 4:15 pm is the latest we can get. We already have 3:55 pm, so we’re gonna go with it.