Candlelight Processional Tips Needed

I am planning on viewing the Candlelight Processional on either 11/28 (Monday lvl 1) or 12/2 (Friday lvl 2). Touring plan makes me get in line 60 minutes early when I plug in the CP. Is this necessary for all shows and all narrators?

I know Neil Patrick Harris is crazy popular but we won’t know who will be there for at least several months.

Are you talking about the standby lines?

If so I can say that when we went on a Tuesday in Early December the standby line started at Noon and was HUGE by the time the first show started. Those who got a dining package are all allowed in first and then standby is allowed to fill in any empty spaces and the line is then cut off for anyone else waiting.

If you are doing the dining package I would say 30 - 45 minutes. That line also gets pretty long. We got in line about 40 minutes before and it was already all the way back to Morocco. You sure wouldn’t want to miss when they get let in and have standby take your spot.

SWEET JESUS. NOON! I don’t know what those people were thinking. I had no idea it was that popular. Do you by chance know how many people the theater holds?

I don’t. It’s fairly large but the CLP does draw in huge crowds. The day we went was specifically for NPH, however, late in the week when we were in the area the lines were also super long. I can’t remember who was the speaker on those later days.

I’m not saying you’d have to line up at noon lol, but I think an hour would probably be the minimum you’d want to try for the standby line. Plus you just have to know there are no guarantees. If they sell enough Dining packages to fill it they may not let any standby in, and they don’t let people just stand at the back of the area because it blocks the walkway.

We ended booking the dining package at Biergarten for lunch. It was something new and totally different for us and it was the least expensive option, but we really enjoyed both the lunch and the CLP.

Do the packages cost extra dining credits than they normally would?

On the DDP yes they are 2 credits. Or at least have been in the past. It’s one of the weird limitations that makes a dining plan awkward. In that case if seeing it were really really important to me I’d probably pay OOP for one of the cheaper lunch options and then use the extra meal credit to do a signature or maybe HDDR or something.