Candlelight Processional Thursday 12/12

Anyone else have a dining package for this past Thursday night? It absolutely pissed down rain most of the day, which we endured because it was our last day and we had been looking forward to the CP for weeks. We purchased the dining package as a Christmas gift to our friends who went with us to WDW, and it was supposed to be the highlight of the week. We were astounded at how many people were in line for the dining package seats, even 30 minutes in advance. I foolishly assumed that we’d at least be out of the rain for the show, but basically were told when we joined the line “too bad, probably not.” We bailed. I was really upset. We’d have probably left hours earlier to get out of the rain but we SO wanted to experience the CP. I went to GS on the way out and told them I thought they really could manage rain events better when people are spending that kind of money, but there was really nothing she could/would do. Guess I’m just venting at this point, and offering a word of caution to anyone else buying a dining plan. If I had it to do over, I’d save a bunch of money and just stand in the wings and catch what I could from a distance.
Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? We had a great four days. RDed FOP because I couldn’t get a FP, worked perfectly. Did everything else in AK that we wanted to. Spent almost a whole day in GE, including rides on RotR and MFSR. (Arrived 6am, boarding group 21 called at 7:10.) Lovely day at MK, topped off with a fantastic dinner at Jiko. And Epcot was great till the rain started.
Hope if you were there you were better prepared than we were and were able to enjoy it.

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Are you me? :slight_smile: This is EXACTLY what happened to us (wife and myself) on the SAME day. She was literally crying… sitting in the rain. :sob: :

We showed up at 7:30 (45 min before start) and were surprised at how long the “reserved” line was. And then we could not snag a covered seat… cast members were protecting some remaining seats for “VIPs” whoever those where… they were not pleasant.

As we sat there in the rain, the announcer came on the speaker and said “everyone please move to the center to make room”. I saw no room open up under the roof near the center aisle where we were sitting (in the rain), BUT I got up and went to the far left side and found 2 seats on the end of two different benches, and snagged them for wife and I. The view was not great, but we were dry

Ha! I’m pretty sure I am not you, but I might be your wife! :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who was shocked at the number of “reserved” spots they sold. I read posts on Lines chat that they were refunding people who complained about the rained out Christmas Party. I don’t expect a full refund because we did eat a nice dinner, but it would be appreciated if I could get some acknowledgement that they could have managed it better. The lady in GS said if we’d have been staying longer, she could give me some fast passes or passes for another night’s show, but it was our very last event we had planned. It was a bummer. :disappointed: