Candlelight Processional - Show Preference?

So… this might be a really dumb question. :blush: Is the CP inside or outside? If outside, are the later shows “better” since it is darker? Also, if you go to the late show, is it impossible to do Illuminations? Recommendations on the best way to see the Holiday things at Epcot? We have never been in December before…


I did an early December show. I don’t think it makes much of a difference. By 5 the sun is pretty low. I think it was dark by the time the show finished and I think ours was 6ish.

I think they do illuminations after CP finishes.

It’s outside. Some people prefer later but as @gabmom said it was twilight when the early show started and fairly dark by the time it was over. Probably the most important decision is whether you’ll be going with a dining package or on standby. We were there the first week of December last year and the standby line started lining up a few hours before the first show. They are really pushing the dining packages and it’s possible that they can fill the area with those.

They do not run the CLP and Illuminations at the same time.

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Thanks @Outer1 and @gabmom! I’m hoping to get a dining package whenever they come out… :slight_smile:

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