Candlelight Processional Question

Quick question: my touring plan is recommending I arrive only 15 minutes early for the candlelight processional on a day where EPCOT is expected to be a 4/10 on crowds. Does this sound reasonable. I’ve heard it can be an awfully crowded show…

I think that’s only reasonable if you don’t care where you sit at all and that you do have a Candlelight Processional voucher already. Even with the passes, the line starts real early it seems & the better seats will be long gone by the 15 minute mark.

Where do I go to obtain a voucher? How early can this be done?

The voucher is for those with the dining package. Otherwise I believe it is line up and wait.

Sorry - if you don’t have the dining package, my understanding is you need to lineup an hour or 2 before as the seating for non-package folks is quite limited (and not guaranteed so you could wait forever for nothing). If you really want to see it from a seat, I’d highly suggest a dinning package. Unfortunately those aren’t cheap, but do come with a good meal at least.

We were there Friday night for the first one of the season, 8:15 show. We had a dining package sticker and got in line about 7:55. The line for us was all the way into Japan in front of the floating Torii Gate. Even with that many people having a guaranteed seat, there were decent seats available. We had an excellent view. It also may depend on who the narrator is on the day you are attending. Much harder to get a seat when a really popular narrator is there. I’ve heard Neil Patrick Harris’ nights are packed. I didn’t see the line for the standby seats, so I can’t say how long it was. However, I did turn around and look and I didn’t see people standing in the back.


Thanks @kadmgs. I’m hoping to see that first show next year.

No problem! The crowd was much lighter than I expected.

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Get the dining package. We saw Whoopi a couple of days ago- and even with the package and arriving 40 minutes before the show- we were pretty far back in the line- so far, in fact, that we were beyond the queue ropes. We still got excellent seats since we prefer to sit in the last reserved row for package holders- but if we wanted to be in the front there would have been no way- as that was filled by people lining up 90 minutes or more before the show. For standby, we saw people lined up at 2 PM for the 5 PM show. Not my idea of a magical day in EPCOT. For our show (the second of three), a considerable group got in from the standby line- but there were still HUNDREDS that didn’t make it in and would have to wait for the later show. Unless you want to spend a big chunk of your day in a line for a show that you may, or may not, get in to see- I would get the package. You are guaranteed a seat even if you arrive a couple of minutes before the show. Granted those seats are the ones behind the trees with a less than ideal view- but you will still have a seat. That cannot be said of those in the stand by line. Given the number of people still waiting after we came out (which had at least doubled from when I looked on my way back from the restroom before our show), I would think a significant number of them were going to be turned away. Easily avoided by having dinner and paying a slight premium for guaranteed seating. My 2 cents.


I was just there and saw a really long standby line an hour before the show.