Candlelight Processional - NPH 12/02/2019

We have a Candlelight Processional dining package for Biergarten on 12/02/2019 for the 20:15 show. NPH is narrating. How early should we arrive if we want front row or near front row seats? Thank you!

Best guess … 45 minutes to one hour early. Do not go for front row seats. I say again, DO NOT go for front row or near front row seats. Last year my wife and I snagged 2nd row seats (to get away from the rain as much as sitting up close) only to our dismay when the orchestra took the stage. They are positioned in front of the singers at the front of the stage and blocked our view of about a 1/3 of the singers, including the narrator. Middle seating is much better.


Great information…thank you!

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Agree, don’t sit in the front row. We did the same for NPH last year, and had a hard time seeing it like I had imagined due to the orchestra. It was still wonderful, and I did snag some great photos, but this year we will be sitting further back.


Thank you for that information. I would have had no idea that sitting up front would actually obstruct part of your view. We will look for middle seating instead. Can you still get good pics if sitting in the middle?

Those pics are great Wahoohokie. I am hoping that I am able to get good pics with middle row…

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I’m sure you can get good photos from there. We stopped by to listen the next night and stood on the sidewalk as we had no reservations and did not even try for seats … sounded great then too!! This pic is what our view was from the 2nd row. Despite the view, the CP was the highlight of the trip for us last December. It was wonderful.


Yes, you should be able to.


Thank you to all for the information. That pic Knapp9er…I can see now what you mean by the orchestra obstructing the view. So with that being said, 1 hour ahead of time with a dining package…should be sufficient?