Candlelight Processional Narrator Annoucement

Any idea when CP narrators will be released? I can make my ADRs June 4 and I am not hopeful the announcement will have been made. If that is the case, what are the odds of me changing my ADR and getting the time and place we want with a narrator we want to see? In the end it doesn’t really matter, we have never seen CP, but just curious your thoughts on dining availability at the time of the narrator schedule release!!

If I remember correctly, last year it was around late September when the announcement was made. We went the first night, the Friday after Thanksgiving, so I made “back up” ADR’s and changed it when they announced the dining packages were available. I wasn’t worried about who the narrator was. I wanted to see it regardless. I highly recommend if it sounds like something you would enjoy. By the way, our narrator was “TBA” until about 2 weeks before. We saw Laurie Hernandez, the Olympic gymnast, and she was great.

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Oh! A backup ADR s a great idea!!! I think I should be able to book my Dining Package with my other ADRs in June, I just won’t know the narrators, but if I make two (or more lol) I can cancel one of them!! Thank you, and yes CP is something we really want to do so honestly it won’t matter who we end up with :slight_smile: Thank you!!

No problem! Glad I could help.

Do know that historically Candlelight Processional packages are not available at the 180 day mark with other ADRs. So don’t panic if you can’t find one - I want to say our 2015 trip we weren’t able to book until around August (roughly 120 days). Pay attention here and to the blog and you should see them when they first come up and have no trouble booking what you want though…


Oh ok, good to know. I have booked Fantasmic dining packages at 180 in the past, but have never done CP so I will definitely be on the lookout for when those open up.Thank you!!

Just wanted to say that that’s my ADR day, too. See you there! :wink:


YAY, December 1-8! Where are you staying?

We’ll be offsite. There are 8 of us so we wanted some extra space to spread out in. =) We’ll be there December 1-14.

Oh wow a nice, long trip. I’d love to stay that long!!

That’s the one we’re planning on going to this year.

Well, we wouldn’t be able to do it staying onsite. So that’s part of the reason! And DH’s divorced parents are coming and of course they can’t stand to be around each other…

We did the dining package and enjoy it. We had great seats even though we didn’t get in line as early as advised. I think crowd size is definitely dependent on popularity of the narrator. There were plenty of seats in the back for non-dining package guests.

Oh wow! You brave, brave girl! My parents are divorced and no way would I travel with them together. Too much stress!

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That’s why we’re going for two weeks! So they each get a week without being around each other! But we’re having to stay off property because we just couldn’t afford to stay on property with that many people…but it will still be tons of fun…since the divorced in-laws won’t cross paths, lol!

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Ah! Ok, that makes sense. Y’all will have fun and it’s so beautiful at Christmas time.

@kells0233 Last year, they started announcing narrators on June 30. The finalized list was made public Oct 13.

We’re there the same dates, staying at POP! I booked Garden Grill for two different days, hoping I’ll be able to get the CP dining package for one of them. So share if you see them become available!

Yes I would like any heads up as well. I will keep checking and post anything if I see it. I guess they recently posted the official dates but that was it.
I am on the fence for CP but know that if NPH is the narrator when we can go then I will try to secure a package ASAP! (kids are huge Lemony Snickets fans!)

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I tried getting Garden Grill breakfast 8 am but there is nothing available on Dec. 3. I am very disappointed at the lack of availability in reservations. I was up at midnight thinking I may be able to, but I couldn’t, and again at 5 am and I couldn’t get Garden Grill or Cinderella’s Royal Table. My preferred times are a little off too but I can manage that. Also had to redo my park days at midnight because I got a notification of crowd level increases but with how my luck is going they’re sure to change again and I will already be locked in. I never have these issues at Spring Break and that is typically a busy time!!!