Candlelight Processional Dining Packages Availability?

Anyone know based on previous experience when these typically become available? Just got off the phone with a CM to find out when they are available so we don’t miss an opportunity to sign up, but clearly put that CM on the spot as Disney has not yet released the 2018 schedule.

The dates have been set and were announced about a week ago (CP starts on Nov 22nd and runs through Dec 30th). Dining packages typically follow a few weeks after the dates are set.

We booked like a week before…went the week before Christmas too. Lots of times still available last year. Dining package seems to be the only way to get a seat? They let in maybe 20 people from the standby? Made me sad, there was lots of empty seats!

In 2015, IIRC we booked in early August when they first came out. I imagine the timing changes somewhat from year to year. Pay attention here (and check the blogs) and I’m sure you’ll see it within a day or 2 of the ADRs coming open and easily be able to book whatever you want.