Candlelight processional dining package reservation trouble

Apparently they have opened the candlelight dining packages. We are having a very hard time finding a reservation that allows us to see the 6:45 pm show. Any suggestions? Does the reservation finder look for dining packages too?

Unfortunately it doesn’t look for dining packages :frowning:

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That’s what I thought but was hoping :sob:

The 6:45 show is probably only available with lunch or maybe a 4:30 or earlier dinner reservation. What time are you searching for and is it lunch or dinner? Adjusting the time earlier might solve some of your issues hopefully…

I got reservations on the Dec 4th at Coral Reef, and also saw availability at San Angels Inn on both the 4th and 5th. I’m still trying to get Garden Grill or Akershus but it looks like they haven’t release availability for either of those yet.

Yeah I was only getting the 6:45 show if I booked a breakfast or lunch reservation. For any dinner I’ve looked at so far it’s always been the 81:15pm show