Candlelight Processional Dining - booking starts 11th July

Couldn’t find the existing threads.

The CP dining packages will be available to book from July 11th.

Event starts Nov 22nd.

Details are all in here:

Good luck to anyone wanting to book it. Hope you all get what you’ref after.

By the way, I know sometimes people have been known to book twice and then wait and see who the narrators are on each day before deciding which one to go for.


Thanks for posting this. I arrive 12/6 and was hoping for Neil Patrick Harris. That is his last night and I arrive at 3:35pm from the West Coast. Hope I can see him, if not am going Monday night with friends and currently that narrator is TBD.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Provided you’re not delayed I would think you could make it. The last show is at 8:15. Crossing my fingers for you.

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Do you know how the dining packages work? Are your menu choices limited?

Unless they’ve changed it, you get the normal menu. And the latest time you can book will be quite early, I think usually it’s 2-2.5 hrs before the show, to make sure you have enough time. But you can do breakfast (although this year it seems only at the Epcot resorts, not in park).

Just like the Fantasmic and ROL ones. Only the CP one is like gold dust lol!

Then after your meal you’ll get paper passes for CP. Unless they decide to do it electronically …

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What time can you call to book? NPH is on my days and I’m guessing they will get booked quickly.

There will be a “Candlelight Processional Dining Package”option under Epcot Dining.

I think it’s 6am Eastern time for dining, and you can phone at 7am…?

For NPH, I would book as soon as you can. Be ready at 6am!

The Epcot dining page is here, CP package option not up yet but it will be.

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That is great to know. Thank you so much!!!

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I’m hoping someone will confirm the opening time for ADR bookimg. Don’t quote me on that, especially the phone lines.

But good luck. I know NPH is hugely popular as a narrator.

We saw NPH in 2016! He’s so great. I noticed he’d been on the schedule closer to the end of Nov/Early Dec until 2017 and it seems like he’s getting later. Perhaps filming conflict w/ ASOUE?

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He is, we had a CP dining package when we saw him and we’re shocked at how long the line was and how early for the dining package seating!!! Forget getting a seat w/o dining package for an NPH night. We still got a seat but were towards the end of the line w/ the dining stickers…just weren’t willing to use park time to line up for an hour or 2 before.

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hmmm - now I am so torn. I am taking a quick trip in Dec - just 4 nights & wasn’t even thinking about this. But I just looked at my dates & I am there when NPH is the narrator.
I really love him!
My BF is still on the fence about coming with me on the trip and I don’t know if he would like this.

We will not be willing to wait 2 hours either. If we go 15 to 30 min early is there a chance we won’t get seated even with the dining package?

Those times sound right. If they are off I will in no way hold you to it!

That’s good to know!

Now if you were @profmatt, you’d create a whole thread blaming me. :sweat_smile:


We lined up 15-20 minutes before the show for NPH night when we had dining package and we still got seats, but they were pretty far back, not that there are bad seats really in that theater area, but if you want close you’ll have to line up earlier.
From my understanding the way it works is that if you get a dining package you’re guaranteed a seat. Now if you show up late, as in after they let people start filling in who do NOT have a dining package you could still be out of luck. I would be surprised on NPH’s nights if there were any seats left for non-dining packages.

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I was thinking the same thing!:joy:

Can you book it online or is it only booked by calling?