Candlelight Processional and a place to rest

We will be at Epcot on Christmas Eve. We have the Candlelight Processional dining package - lunch at Biergarten at 2:30 and the 8:15 Processional. We have 6 people in our party and at least some will want a break at some point since it will be a long day. My problem is we are staying off site at an All Star Vacation home and I think heading back to the house after lunch doesn’t give us much of a break before returning to get in line for the 8:15 show.

First, what time would you suggest we get in line for the Processional since we have guaranteed seating?

Second, any suggestions for a good place to take a rest after our lunch in Germany? I thought about touring the Epcot resorts to see decorations, but wasn’t sure how hectic that would be or if we could sit and rest a little in any of the resorts.

I wouldn’t want to be one of the first in line. As you said, you’ll get a seat. I’d get in line by 7:50. After a leisurely lunch (you can sit for more than 1 set if you’d like,) head over to Yacht Club lobby to sit and relax…or Martha’s Vineyard. Another great place to relax is BWI- Belle Vue Lounge.

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Beware of phased closures and not getting back into park if you leave.

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Great point. I had read that Epcot seldom, if ever, gets to the point that it closes for crowds and, if it does, it doesn’t usually go past phase 2. Any idea if that is correct?

Thanks. Martha’s Vineyard sounds like a very good idea.

That is true in my experience. I’ve been several times at the holidays and I can’t recall Epcot ever closing completely to new arrivals. The park is massive, and it handles crowds better than the others.

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