Cancelling Dining Reservations

So have made all my dining reservations (what a pain). So I think all of them had a “24 hour cancellation policy” - what is the flexibility in this. I have a feeling that we will run into a situation where a resurant we wanted to eat in may have walkup - but we are past the cancellation window for our “plannned” dnning. What is the flexibility with this. If we “switch” restaurants will they still charge us the cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours

I haven’t tried it yet, but reports are that with the new ability to change your ADRs on the app, you can change it to a day or two later, then cancel without penalty.

Also, on a trip at the end of 2014, my DH and I had a dinner reservation one night at Spice Road Table, but I was clearly too sick to go (found out it was “walking pneumonia” when I got home. THAT was fun.). We called within 2 hours of the reservation and explained, and they cancelled without penalty with no questions asked, just a request for me to feel better.

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