Cancelling ADRs, FP+s for Jan 13-17

Unfortunately, we are cancelling our trip for this week because two of our three kids are recovering from pneumonia. In case anyone is interested, I’m cancelling our ADRs and FP+s (all are for 7 people) - the most interesting are below:

1/13 Test Track (9:10am)
1/14 BOG lunch (11:30am)
7DMT (6:50pm)
1/15 Test Track (9:10am)
1/16 TSMM (10:05am)
1/17 BOG breakfast (8am)
7DMT (9:15am)

Hope this helps add some magic to someone’s trip!


Sorry about the cancellation- I hope a reschedule is in the works!

Thanks! Yes, we are all handling the disappointment more easily because we are planning a new trip in March. I’ve been able to get almost all of the ADRs we’d had, and am hoping for good luck with our FPs this week when we hit our 60 days. Hopefully we’ll like our new hotel (Beach Club instead of a BLT 2 bedroom villa) - looking forward to staying near Epcot as a change, and the kids are hoping they’ll get to check out the pool! So, definitely disappointed about this week, but we have something to look forward to soon.

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Oh and Flower and Garden- my favorite time of the year!