Cancellation window

Can someone remind me what the normal cancellation window is for a room only reservation to cancel with a full refund?

I believe it’s 5 days before.


From MouseSavers regarding room only

  • You can change or cancel your reservation without penalty up until 5 days prior to check-in. (6 days for online bookings.)
  • The cancellation penalty for cancelling less than 5 days from check-in is the first night’s room rate. A no-show is considered a cancellation and has the same penalty.
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Keep an eye on the Disney page and on your inbox – or if you have a TA be in contact with them regularly. I believe pay in full and cancellation periods are being relaxed somewhat given these unusual circumstances.


Thanks- I was searching online and everything I saw said 30 days, so glad to hear it is 5. I have a reservation for 5/11 for a cheer competition that might end up being cancelled with everything going on.

Packages are 30
Room only is 5

But again, check back often as these things are somewhat fluid at the moment.

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Anyone know what the deposit is? Considering putting a reservation or two out there for later this year to see how thing all unfolds.

It was $200 for the package I booked in September.

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If greater than 30 days $200 for a package.
Room only is first nights stay