Cancellation when one person in party doesn't go

We have a trip coming up in 5 days. My 30yo DS is now saying that he might not want to go. If he definitely decides to stay home, is there any chance of refund/credit for DDP at least? I know the theme park tickets are nonrefundable. He’s on the autism spectrum although fairly high functioning, this trip may just be too much for him to handle at this time. His mental health is more important than any money at this point.

Also - any problems showing up for our ADRs with 3 people instead of 4?

There is no issue showing up for an ADR with fewer people and it will not change the table size, so no need to modify. I would wait and call Disney tomorrow regarding the dining plan, tickets, and any extra adult room charges. Sometimes they can help.

ADRs won’t be an issue at all. As long as anybody shows up - even one person - you won’t get fined.

But as to changing the reservation within 5 days, I think you’re out of luck there. You’re well within the penalty period for cancellations. But it couldn’t hurt to call and ask! The worst htey can say is no

I don’t want to call until he makes a firm decision. If I call, is it better for me to call myself or use my travel agent?

Your agent will have to call. Clients cannot make changes to a reservation booked through a travel agent.

Good News! By staying calm and assuring him that I support him in whatever he chooses, he has decided to come! I told him that it will be fine if he ends up spending 90% of his time at the hotel.

He is looking forward to building a light saber and droid, not sure how much that played into his decision.


That’s great news. I hope everything works out well for you!

This isn’t true for CRT though, is it? They’ll still charge you for the no-show in your party, right?