Cancellation watch: June dates

As of this moment, Disney has officially cancelled hours through May 30, but the Disney calendar still has park hours listed starting May 31.

What I’m curious about is cancellations for the first week of June (May 31-June 6). Does anyone here have resort reservations that start within that time window? And if so, have they been cancelled yet? It seems like, based on prior weeks, that resort cancellations would have happened by now…or will happen today.

The rumor mill has been strong with a June 1 opening. I’m interested in hearing about cancellations as well.

Our reservation starts June 6 and haven’t been cancelled yet and we haven’t received any emails.

Yeah. There seems to be indications that they might still open in June, although given Disney Springs isn’t opening until May 20, and Disney-owned entities in Disney Springs aren’t opening until May 27, it is hard to imagine that they will actually open up resorts and parks June 1.

But, the buzz seems to be that they have filled up the resorts in June to the maximum capacity that they want in order to open up the parks. (Which parks? Who knows?) I would think we should either see some cancellations soon, or an announcement about the resorts and/or parks opening soon.


Our 5/22 trip was canceled (of course) and I waited too long to have my TA reschedule for something in June. When I requested a few possible dates for her to try, she found out that June is blocked out now.

So, yes, they’ve definitely hit their desired capacity for June. I’m really kicking myself for dreaming that they might have opened for our original trip and stalling on requesting a June date + the free dining option that they were offering.

I was reading late last night about FPP plans for all of June going poof. Have not heard anything more.

Interesting. That suggests they won’t open…but then, it could also mean they don’t intend to use FPP?

It feels a bit like Hermioni Granger reading tea leaves in Divination.


All of those FPs were restored. There are reports that they were all restored after 11. Also, an early June conference at GF was confirmed again yesterday.

Oh. Well. Nevermind then. (The tea leaves just moved.)

I was just looking for an update. Thanks for that PT!!

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I just checked in MDE, and I’m able to book FPs during the first week of June, but not for last week of May.

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Our reservation is June 4-10 and everything is still intact on MDE. I did notice people on chat last night saying FP were gone, so I checked mine and they had disappeared. But 10 minutes later they were back. Someone said they talked to a CM who said they were just updating their system?

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I had hoped to go in June (if open) but those plans were officially killed because airline not flying to the U.S…and the Canada/US border closure is likely to be extended. I still have a BoG reservation hanging out in my MDE for June 13 when we were hopeful back in March :sob:

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Thanks. Keep us posted!

Will do! We still aren’t even quite sure if we’ll go if they open. Considering moving to August. Just need to see what all the changes will be, if masks are required, etc.

We are definitely cancelling our June 13th week trip, but hoping that Disney will do it for us. That said, I’m probably just going to bite the bullet and then call them and work on how to deal with the kid’s tickets that are still out there. We won’t have another opportunity until next summer.

My FPP disappeared last night briefly, and then they came back. It appears that it was a glitch in MDE. I have reservations for June 4-9 and they have not been cancelled yet.


I had a split stay booked (5/27-5/31 AoA and 5/31-6/3 Kidani DVC rental). Obviously my first half already cancelled, I already cancelled our flights. I need my second half to cancel in order to work with Davids on some kind of credit. I’m not sure how it works if my trip as a whole was affected but not the actual rental dates.

Good to hear! Welcome to the board, @grumpyangie Don’t be shy - the water’s fine so jump on in

we have reservations early June…everything still intact, though pretty sure we are cancelling if face masks and pool closures are a reality. 99% of fast passes have been either claimed or removed by Disney, though I did actually add millennium falcon for June 4th this morning. I assume it was the result of someone cancelling.