Canceling Mama Melrose F! Package Thu 9/25 3:40pm for two

If anyone wants it, I can most likely arrange to coordinate the cancel @11pm EST any week day this week, simply let me know which day. If the time is no good for you, suggest another & I’ll work with you. If no takers by week’s end, I’ll just cancel it.

I hope this is the right place to post this; this is where most other cancellations have been posted.
Perhaps a standard topic/thread for cancels (there’s one in the “meta” section, wrong place for it, few use it), in the “dining” section might be appropriate. If this thread isn’t useful, I’m fine w/the moderators deleting it @LaurelStewart and letting me know what the appropriate use is, thanks.

See: ADR Cancellation Page

I hope you find a taker! I’ve noticed that these threads haven’t been getting much traffic. Maybe it’s because the Forum is still so new. I think having the details in the title like you did it really helps.

Thanks @SallyEpp_cot. I’m trying to get this right & use the forum appropriately. :slight_smile:

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Um, I think everyone is just making it up as they go along. :smile: It kills me. I want rules! I want hierarchical categories that make sense! I want a user’s guide, a policy and procedure manual and an FAQ!

This place is… sprawling… the features are nice, but need to be tamed/understood. Yes, making it up as we go, I guess! :wink:

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