Canceling good ADRs early December

I have a few ADRs for 8 people that I’m going to be canceling if anyone wants to coordinate with me. Of course I changed my park days after making all these ADRs four months ago…

50’s Prime Time Cafe December 3rd at 2:30 pm

Be Our Guest December 5th 8:20 am

Trattoria al Forno (Bon Voyage) December 5th 11:30 for 2 and 12:00 for 6

Tusker House December 6th 10:45 am


Wow, sounds like you’re cancelling the same days my family (party of 9) will be going). We were thinking of changing a few things around as well but haven’t quite solidified it yet but your first 3 ADRs all sound mighty enticing! Let me ask my sister and see what she thinks. Thanks!!

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I would like to coordinate with you for 50s primetime if possible… let me know when you want to drop it.

Sounds great! What time zone are you? We’re in N.C. and the storm has knocked out our internet and cell signal. If it’s working again maybe tonight? 9 or so Eastern time?

Sounds good. I am eastern also. I will check back here around then.


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I think we’ll have to try tomorrow. I’m out and about right now but cell and WiFi is still not working at my home and I’ll be home soon. Let’s try tomorrow at 9 pm if that works.

Ok, that works!


Anybody else want any of these? All but 50’s are still available. @shellzbellz911?