Canceling golf cart reservation at Fort Wilderness

Hi, does anyone know the cancellation policy for the golf cart rentals at Fort Wilderness? I can’t find anything online. We were supposed to arrive at Disney on Saturday the 22nd. I had to cancel on the 16th because my father in law was ill. He ended up passing away over the weekend. I cancelled the flight, reservation at Fort Wilderness, HDDR, all of our dining, our park reservations, the rental car but I completely forgot about the golf cart. I see a charge on my credit card for the full amount. Do you think if I call would I get a refund or am I out the $201? I kind of wish the golf cart rental was in MDE or somewhere easily visible. I booked it so many months ago I just completely forgot.


I definitely think it is worth calling and explaining your situation. The worst case scenario is that you pay what you’ve already paid.

I’m sorry for your loss.


Thank you

Hope they can refund that amount when you call.

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Sorry for your loss. :blue_heart:

I agree if you call and explain your situation, even if it is normally non-refundable, hopefully they will make an exception.

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