Canceling Dining Reservations?

Seeing this topic in the Forum, but nothing recent ~ and as usual, the WDW website is little help. What is the penalty for canceling a Table Service dinner reservation same-day?

PS ~ they are on the DDP

Penalty is $10 per person on ADR. They will charge the CC you reserved with. If you modify your reservation past the 24 hour period you can then cancel it with no charge. Some people have had issues with modifying their ADRs lately, though.

Sometimes, if you have a good reason, they will waive the fee if you get a CM to cancel it.


thank you!! passing that info along …


This definitely works and I did it a couple of times on my last trip, once within about two hours of the ADR and the other time within an hour.

It’s called “bump and run” — change the ADR to another day, then cancel the changed ADR.


Bump and dump has a better ring to it😉

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I thought this could be done 20min out

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Backside of Magic reports that it can be done up to 20 minutes out. I think on that episode they didn’t want to try closer than that for fear of not being able to modify it.


I did not know this. Thanks for the info.

that’s right, @profmatt ~ i remember you doing that on your solo trip! of course, i forgot about it when it would have been useful, LOL …

my SIL talked with a CM and was able to swap out the 50s Prime Time Cafe for the Spirit of Aloha and their resort. they needed the break, and i’m glad they were able to just chill at the Poly … they enjoyed the Luau so it was well worth the double TS credit for them! thanks for all your help, everyone!