Canceling CRT

If I make and ADR for CRT and then need to cancel, will I be refunded? In light of EMM at TSL not being released yet for July and nobody knowing what that might mean, I’m thinking of making a backup CRT for breakfast in case we need to swap days to accommodate TSL on the original CRT ADR. Does that make sense? There is still an 8:00 am slot available for the backup date…I don’t want to make it, though, and then when I have to cancel one of them not be able to do so…

I’ve canceled CRT before without any penalty, was on the DDP though. I’m 99% sure you’ll get a refund, but you might have to pay upfront for your duplicate ADR

I’ll give it a try then. We are on DDP as well.

I found recently that I had to call to book CRT, it wouldn’t let me online, hopefully that kink has been sorted out now.

I was just able to do it online :slight_smile:

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