Canceling BOG dinner reservation on 1/15

If anyone is interested please contact me by tonight. It’s a table for 4 at 4:45 on Thursday, January 15.
I hope I did this right! First post in forums :smile:

Yes, you did it right. Unfortunately, I won’t be there then so I can’t take the ressie. :cry:

And welcome to our little corner of the world!

I won’t be there at that time either, but, just out of curiosity, how would one go about giving a reservation to someone else? Isn’t reservation linked to the person’s name. Would the one receiving the reservation just give the host the name of the one who originally had the reservation?

From what I’ve gathered you just select a time to release it and hope for the best. First time I’ve ever had this situation- when we moved our trip I was able to move all the ADRs, but I guess I missed one.

That’s one way to do it. I’ve also heard of people doing a three way conference call with a CM and having then switch it. Obviously a bit of a pain, but if it’s that crucial… :wink: