Canceling ADRs for 5 at Ohana (10/11) & Boma (10/7), anyone want them?

Canceling ADRs for 5 at Boma at 5:55pm on 10/7 & Ohana at 10:20am on 10/11.
Let me know if you'd like them and we can coordinate.

Hopefully I did this correctly because this is my first topic post.

You did it correctly! I haven't seen very many ADR cancellation threads on the Forum lead to exchanges yet. There just aren't enough people using the Forum. It looks like 39 people have viewed your post so far, so please don't think that the lack of responses means that nobody saw it. I'm so glad you came over to post! Please ask if you have any questions.

Thank you. I guess I joined right after the switch (about 2 weeks ago). I've been reading all of the other posts which have answered most of my questions.