Canceling ADR including PPO at GG and BOG

We are staying between 7/27 and 8/3. I have concrete (ish) plans now that I made my FPP so I am canceling ADR’s.
Some good ones, PPO at GG and a couple days of BOG. Also CRT

Why are you canceling BOG?

we did EMM one day and our moved our second day to a morning EMH day,

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Without even knowing your other plans, I think that’s fine. To me, ADR’s tend to be only a fair-to-poor use of time and money and I mostly schedule them for nice breaks, in the middle of the day. I think the fact that guests must make ADRs far in advance adds to the perceived value of the experience, in that something hard to get must be worthwhile, right? But I’m not sure that’s true, or at least not true for everyone.

So if you feel that you just don’t need or want them, I see nothing at all wrong with that.