Cancelation Policy

Does anyone know what the cancelation policy is for prepaid meals such as Sprit of Aloha and Hoop De Do Review are. Such as how many days must you cancel before date of event to get a full refund.

Each of them are different. The email confirmation gives cancellation policy for each. Example CRT is 2 days.

SoA is 1 day notice according to my ADR e-mail.

This is for Hoop:

“There is a 1 day cancellation policy. Full price will be charged / forfeited if Guest cancels within 1 day or no shows for the reservation.”

Thanks all for the help. I was thinking it was 30 days so it’s nice to know that it is just 24 hours. Heaven forbid we cannot make this trip as our grandson will be joining us, but it is still a ways out and anything can happen to put the kabash to our plans. Thinking of travel insurance, but if I can keep cost up front down until 30 days out I may be able to do without it. :roll_eyes: