Cancel trip day before leaving?

We fly out tomorrow night for a week at WDW.

Last night, our daughter has a bad sore throat and wakes up today with aches all over. Getting her in to the doctor as soon as we can today. Depending on how that goes, we may have to consider not going.

Our room-only reservations are paid off with credit and gift cards.
No tickets to deal with, we have APs.
Airfare with Frontier booked separately, I’ll deal with that next.

Curious if anyone has had any experience with something like this, and how it worked out.
We do have a spring trip scheduled, so we could apply credits towards that trip if Disney doesn’t want to refund.

I have it on good information that if you reschedule it rather than cancel (and then later cancel) you will not suffer any loss. Much like the dining reservation bump and run. Have never done this but have heard it will work.

Hope she is feeling well and there is no need to consider not going.


When my wife became ill right before our first trip, we were able to do what @OBNurseNH suggests - we called and they helped us cancel what could be cancelled, and moved our package to the following year.

Always worth a phone call!


Last year my Dad has a stroke and couldn’t travel the day before we were supposed to leave. we didn’t expect to be able to cancel so we called to see if they could give the room to a veteran or a first responder’s family and they refunded it instead! They were absolutely lovely…I may have cried😢


Thank you all for replying.
“Luckily” she only has strep throat, no flu/fever or anything worse.
She’s already feeling better after some antibiotics.

A little scare, but we are still on our way tomorrow night!


FWIW, backside of magic reported that you can bump and run hotel reservations as well.


Good work! As nutty as it sounds, I was hoping it would be strep. You can generally kick a bacterial infection in the butt with some antibiotics, it’s the bad viral infections that drag on. And being on antibiotics for 24 hours before getting on the plane means she won’t infect others. Which again is not the case with viruses.

Have fun!


Also, take you doctor’s phone number with you in case someone else in your family gets sick. If someone in the family has a proven strep infection and someone else gets sick, most times the doctor on call will just go ahead and call in a prescription without making you go in.

Especially if you are on vacation! It would be cruel and completely against the Hippocratic Oath to make you miss Disney park time. I’m almost sure it’s in there somewhere.:wink:


Keep in mind that your daughter’s strep may be getting better, but she will need more rest than a perfectly healthy person. It’s easy to forget that when they aren’t throwing up or sneezing all the time, but it takes it’s toll on the body.

If she’s young enough for a stroller, consider getting one. If not, build in rests for her.

Have a great trip.


I’m so glad that’s what it was! We had one of those instances once when my sister developed a blood clot right before we left. Luckily the doc cleared her and she just needed to visit Celebration Hospital a few times when we were there to have her blood tested (not to mention the injections she was giving herself!) but we had a great time despite it. But those few days between the diagnosis and the trip were nerve wracking! I couldn’t see myself being able to handle her kids and mine and we were researching all the cancellation rules.

Have a fabulous trip!

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