Cancel online for May or make a phone call?

We have a hote/dining/tickets package for end of May and the final payment is due in a few days. I am going to cancel (sniff, sniff) It’d be pretty easy to just pull off the bandaid and click “cancel” all my reservations online (EMM, dining, the package) and be done with it.

But is it better to call so they admit it’ll be closed during my reservation timeframe and offer something for the future? Are the “final payments” waived right now?

Basically I’d like to avoid wasting time calling when I can cancel online, unless there’s a benefit!

If this helps, payment is not due at 30 days like it typically would be. I would hold off until Disney cancels unless you need the money that is tied up. Currently the only offer being provided due to the closures is the free dining which can be redeemed up until the end of May for stays of June through September.

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If you know you won’t go no matter what in May and you want to reschedule to take advantage of the free dining offer, call. I did this a couple of weeks ago. Indecisive as I am, I almost regret this however since giving up our Memorial Day weekend reservation means if they do a soft open by then for resort guests only we are now shut out. If I had it to do over, I would wait until they announce closure for those dates and then cancel/rebook. FWIW, they wouldn’t admit/confirm closure for May when I called and I’m sure the CM probably does not know any better than we do until it is officially announced.

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I just got an email from Disney about my May trip being cancelled. (5/16-23). I haven’t paid anything on it. The deposit is being refunded. So you shouldn’t have to do anything if you want to wait it out.


I called to cancel because I had made payments using gift cards that I no longer had (and refunds otherwise get put back on original payment method). I had a backup reservation already made and they were able to transfer the whole balance paid to the new reservation. Not sure if the same applies to you but it was helpful for me.


Interesting. Based on what I’ve been seeing, I wasn’t expect anything from that week to be canceled until this upcoming Sunday. Our tickets don’t start until May 10th, and our DAH event is May 16…but neither have been canceled yet.

Someone else who had tickets May 9th had them canceled on Sunday, and the previous week saw cancellations up through early May. So, I figured they were doing cancellations on Sundays.

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Our tickets start 5/15 and our onsite room reservations start 5/16. They haven’t changed yet in MDE, but I got an email. We have 2 reservations for 2 rooms. I only got one email for one of the rooms.

Oh. I see. Just the email. Okay.

So, I’m still anticipating that we’ll see the changes in MDE on Sunday sometime. We’ll see!

Hmm this is weird my trip is starts May 11 and i havent heard a thing from Disney. GUESS its time for me to face reality and call and cancel. Boo hoo.

I would wait another week.


Disney World just took another week of May off the calendar.

So they did. Shouldn’t be much longer before my ticket dates go to any time tickets, and my DAH tickets are refunded then. :slight_smile:

Did you get an email informing you of cancellation or are you just checking the Disney site and your plans linked to there? (curious b/c we have trip scheduled for end of May—bought tickets via Undercover Tourist and our room was via Dave’s so I’ve waited to reach out and try to get credit/refunds until I knew Disney had officially cancelled our dates).

I have been checking the Disney World hours on their calendar every day. They have a pattern of removing opening hours one week in May, every Thursday. Alas, I am assuming they will be moving the following week next Thursday, which happens to be our week there.

Checked this morning. Our May 10th dated tickets are still dated May 10th, but our AK DAH tickets for May 16th have vanished since yesterday. Presumably they will be refunded imminently. I will update when that shows up on my credit card.

I still anticipate our tickets will convert over on Sunday.

Thank you!

Got an email today reminding me our final payment is due…going to assume it’s automated? Just wish they’d cancel all of May so we all just KNOW!

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Sometime since this morning, not only are our DAH cancelled, but our tickets have now converted to anytime tickets. They are now valid anytime from May 10 to Dec. 15. Fyi for those who are also this same week. You might check again.

Question… I am AP, but had bought a 3 day PH ticket for my 19 year old son that got converted to May 5 - Dec 15, 2020. Currently in the app, it does not look like I can reassign the ticket to anyone else. If I paid for it shouldn’t I be able to reassign it? I know I can call, just want to know all I can before doing that. Thanks!