Cancel of a fpp to get another tier 1 experience?

I’ve read and looked at Mr Itty’s – but now the interface on mde experience is different. I just want to double check that I am doing this correctly. I did cancel the fpp that I didn’t want. And now I have 2 early morning fpp that I do want. So, just needing slight reassurance here: IF there are fpp available (that I want) after my 2 rides; then I “should” be able to grab another one? ! Sorry, but with the fpp choices now giving you these 3 options:
New FPP Update FPP & Cancel FPP

I went to mde on computer, did drop down menu, selected FastPass+ then the 3 options of
New Fastpass Update Fastpass Cancel Fastpass
I selected cancel fast pass and then picked the day and experience to cancel, and canceled-- seemed easy enough. (but that doubt creeps in-- so just asking for anyone’s experience)

---- I just want to double check. In theory, it looks fine-- but since I have never tried the “trick” I just wanted to see if anyone recently has had luck. Thank you.

Yes, that looks right. Unfortunately, I haven’t been recently, so I can’t confirm that it works. I hope it does for this summer when we’re back!