Cancel lunch at LibertyTree and try to get Skipper Canteen?

What are your thought? Should I cancel my reservation in hopes of getting into Skipper Canteen?

Absolutely if you prefer their menu over Liberty Tree. They only accept same day reservations so you shouldn’t have a problem getting seated. Enjoy!

How do you make reservations for Skipper Canteen? Do you call Disney Dining or do you have to do it at the restaurant? How early do they begin taking reservations?

Right now they are only taking “same day” reservations. It seems as if it is not busy and people have been reporting easy entry with no wait.

We did a count of TS restaurants a few weeks ago and I think I had been to over 20- but I have never tried LTT. I made a LTT ADR thinking I would switch it when SC opened but I am going to keep my LTT. I recently saw photos of the Toffee Cake and I am looking forward to trying it.


Sorry. I should have clarified my questions. I understand that they are only accepting same-day reservations, but can you call Disney Dining to make the reservation or do you have to walk down to the restaurant itself to do so?

I just looked and I could make an ADR for tonight at 8:50 in the app.

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O g we must have seen the same picture! I’m thinking of making an ADR just for desert.

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Might want to check out reviews before cancelling LTT. @glamourgirl gave a pretty negative review of food and service. Others also posted negative comments