Canadian tips?

Canadian going to Disney World and wondering if anyone has any tips or advice. For example:

Any one have issues using Canadian debit cards and/or credit cards? I don’t want to use cash and end up with left over American money. I also don’t want to carry a bunch of gift cards and end up with leftover or worse, losing them.

Anyone ever brought their own vinegar for fries?

Anything else?

Welcome. This thread may help:

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Zero issues with Canadian credit cards or debit in the US. Nothing to worry about

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Zero issues using credit card. I don’t travel with cash. WDW had tap most places to (except restaurants which are still backwards…when is the US going to stop with the signatures :crazy_face:) I use a Scotiabank Visa Passport to avoid exchange fees.

I don’t know anyone who’s taken their own vinegar, but I do know people who have taken their own preferred ranch dressing or Sriracha. BYOCondiments is more common than you’d think, apparently. One of the ranch people found her preferred brand in single-use packets, which traveled really well… I think would be excellent for vinegar, if you can find it.