Canadian Residents Tickets

Has anyone used the discounted Canadian Residents Tickets yet? When we used them at Disneyland last summer, we had to bring our passports to the park to activate them. Wondering if we have to do that at WDW as well or if it can be straightened out at the hotel since we are staying onsite.

Last year we were staying at AKL and had to go to AK park with passport to activate. We were at the rainforest cafe for supper so we thought we would get it out of the way for when we had our first park day the next day. However, when we went the next day to MK it would not work and we never had our passports. Luckily guest services was able to resolve it but it was another line and we missed the opening show.

We go to Disney Springs the day our flight arrives for dinner/shopping. We just go to guest services there to activate. It avoids the potential to have to wait in the morning at a park during important rope drop.

I have heard of one person on disboards that said their tickets were activated at the resort. Until I hear more people confirming this I will assume they won’t be activated at the resort.

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This is probably a dumb question, but if I don’t have the Canadian Resident Ticket, but am Canadian, there will be no need to activate my ticket, correct?

We had our first trip last year and had the Canadian Resident Ticket and had to activate it at the park, but this year we just got regular tickets through our travel agent.

Right no need to activate.

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