Canadian annual pass holder question

DH and I are planning to upgrade to an annual pass at the parks. I know that because we live in Canada we won’t get magic bands shipped to us, but what about the slider? Will they ship that to us or will we get it when we upgrade?

They never have, I have ordered my magic bands to be delivered to a Disney resort, even if I wasn’t staying there, just swung by and picked it up. It had the slider in the box.

Say we upgrade on day 2 and select the resort we are staying at they should be ready for pick up by day 10? Do you have to put in the address for the resort or is it a selection kind of thing?

I had to put in the address of the resort, usually add a care/of to the label. As for how fast it is, well maybe? To give you an idea I just had them ship my wife’s AP band to our US PO box, after selecting the colour and putting in the shipping address it took 4 business days before I got notification it shipped.