Canada issed ANOTHER travel advisory

Any other Canadians out there having to cancel travel this month? Any experience with Disney in dealing a paid for in full hotel reservation - any chance of a refund? Or is my only hope to postpone in order to avoid paying a cancellation fee?

Google is failing me. What are the changes? Dis the rules change today?

Where it’s an advisory vs a ban, I don’t know how much Disney will bend. I hope they are pretty forgiving, though.

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That stinks, but is understandable. Hopefully Disney will be accommodating.

What I read said “every country but the US”. Does it include the US here?

We have friends and know of others traveling from Ontario and not canceling. The only people I know who’ve canceled trips weren’t flying from Canada or going to Disney. Not helpful, I know. I really hope they can sort you out though!

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The “every country but the U.S.”is about having to get a covid test and the self isolate until test result is in - usually 3 days. It is just an advisory at this point.

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Hi @Coolermama ! Great to “see” you!

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Another Canadian here.

I agree that it is just an advisory at this point. This will not sway my January trip one bit. The testing requirements really have not changed much since last I checked.

  • 24 hour rapid antigen test heading down
  • 72 hour PCR test documented in the ArriveCAN app for the way home.

My own personal feelings about this are that they are trying to proactive about something they do not fully understand the impact of yet. I will continue to wash my hands, cover my face and scrub the air plane seats.


Indeed. As the numbers of cases rise meteorically here in Canada, it’s very important that I only get exposed to omicron on this side of the imaginary line popularly known as The Border.
Just wouldn’t be right to get it from some icky American eh

And gee don’t you agree it’s so much easier to close this barn door long after the horse has ran away?


According to the article, catching COVID abroad isn’t the only concern:

“‘We are concerned that Canadians will be stranded abroad because of the rapidly evolving measures that other countries may put in place, and also because of the significant risk of catching this variant, this virus, while traveling abroad,’ he reportedly said after the meeting.”


This was our concern with 2 young kids and the fact that they are only partially vaccinated. It wasn’t any easy decision and involved many tears.


So, in the context of travel to the US, wouldn’t the Government’s concern be alleviated if the Government just didn’t close the border then?

The Canadian Health Minister departing the conference:


Both CMs that I spoke with today were very pleasant and understanding. We ended up porting the dates - it was the only way not to lose money on it. I’m really hoping a Cdn discount roles out in the spring so that I can apply it against the booking.


I’ve travelled to WDW 3 times now while the travel advisory was in effect (Sep, Nov 2020, Sep 2021). It was only lifted back in October before being reinstated. It’s not changing my plans for end of January trip. Going for two weeks. Get my booster shot tomorrow.

… edit to add, I have zero plans to leave the continent while this is all going on. At least with Florida, worst case, we drive home.