Can you walk from Riviera to CBR skyliner?

Hi all! I am finally planning a new trip that I feel pretty confident about (after 3 sad cancelled trips :cry:). Sorry if this has already been covered but can you walk from Riviera to the CBR skyliner station to avoid having to transfer to the HS line? If you can about how long does it take? Is this a good way to avoid transfer waits at CBR? Thanks so much!

Yes, I believe so… @DumboRunner reported on this … a 10 min walk?

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You can. Going late May and plan to walk to CBR hub. I e heard 10-20 based on walking speed. Goal is to beat the rush for HS. For Epcot day, it wouldn’t really help or make sense to walk to CBR as Epcot from Riviera is direct.

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You can. If you walk towards the Riviera skyliner hub, you’ll see a sign that shows an arrow for CBR.

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It’s direct to EP, but during my stay at in February we actually had a long wait at the Riviera station. We got in line about 45 minutes before the park opened, but only about every 3rd car coming from CBR was empty and available to be boarded. We ended up waiting close to half an hour, and the line was directly in the sunshine. We almost walked down to CBR, so it might be something to consider for your EP day as well.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. Looks like we’ll be walking :grin:


That’s good to know. Our Epcot morning is a little skewed, no rope drop. However good to know for others who it may be more important to beat the rush. CBR, especially Jamaica bldg, may be a sneaky good place to stay going forward.

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We did the opposite, we walked from the CBR hub to Riviera for our Topolino’s breakfast. No line to get on at HS, but 25 min wait to switch to Epcot line at the hub. We walked instead and were at breakfast in about 15 minutes with a potty stop on the way.

We walked from RIV to CBR on our first HS day. We had maybe 10-15 parties in front of us and the wait was not long. HOWEVER- since we would have been first in line at RIV we would have entered the transfer line ahead of the line we waited in at CBR. On subsequent days we were second in line at RIV and bypassed the CBR transfer line. I’m not sure how many groups they do this for but don’t leave RIV with no line in exchange for CBR. Another time walking was significant was when we had a successful rope drop at HS and were actually heading back to the pool around 11- the CBR station was packed with Epcot travelers. We walked to RIV instead and the walk is actually quite nice.