Can you use the WDW App to make ADRs anymore?

We use to be able to make and/or change ADRs on the WDW App. That was several years ago for us and now I can’t find it in the app. Am I looking in the wrong place or did they remove it?

Ok, well after looking through the app I found a place to make reservations but you can only search by time for reservations?

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Prob better on a comp, but i bet theres a way

Yes always by date and time. I do feel like it is much easier on the website, though.

If you are just looking for anything at that restaurant, you can go the page for the restaurant and check through different times (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner) pretty easily, but you still have to put some sort of time frame in.

Thank you both. Sorry about the extremely late reply. My mother-in-law passed away and things were chaotic around here.