Can you use the droid, and then ship it to the hotel later?

We’ll be at Disney World at the end of the month, and we have reservations at Droid Depot for my two sons to build droids. I’m sure they’ll want to use them around Baatu for a while (they’re not allowed on the ground, right? We’re just talking carrying them and watching them boop and beep?) but I don’t want to carry them around for the rest of the day. Can we let them boop and beep around for an hour and then have them sent back to our hotel? Where would we take them to do that?

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I think you can do this if you just go back to droid depot or another store with it. But I’m not sure, someone else can chime in on this. Bear in mind that it will arrive the next day.

As for playing it at the park, there is a dedicated area for this where you can use them on the (covered) ground.

Yes, we did this with our Rancor flight and Porg mug from the Cantina. We had them shipped over at Droid Depot after we realized we didn’t want to carry them around all day.

Yep. You can probably do this at any store in the park really.

Has anyone shipped it home after playing with it for a while? I want to enjoy my droid and then when I’m tired of it send it home and not have to worry about taking it home. :slight_smile: