Can you use the Annual Pass (AP) at the water parks?

Can you use the Annual Pass (AP) at the Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

Only if its the super Expensive premier pass valid at wdw and DL California. There is a waterpark annual pass available to buy. I think it costs about $100 and there is a cheaper after 2pm waterpark annual pass for Florida residents.

Here’s a list of the annual passes. The starred ones have water park options.

There’s a Florida Resident Seasonal Pass, Epcot After 4 Pass and a Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass, which does not include water parks.
There’s the standard Annual Pass (available for anyone), which does not include water parks.
****There’s the Premium Annual Pass, which does include water parks (currently $649)
*****There’s a Florida Resident Water Parks after 2 PM Pass (Must be Florida resident, priced at $65 for adults, $59 for kids)
*****There’s also the Premier Park Pass (which is both an east coast and west coast pass) that includes water parks and is $1099 per person.

Aside from the Premier Park Pass, you can get details on all of them here:

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