Can you use Lyft to CBR to catch the skyliner?

Staying at Wyndam Bonnet Creek and will be using Lyft to get around. Can you be dropped off at CBR close to the skyliner?

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If wanting to rope drop, don’t do it. Waited 35 minutes this morning at the transfer station (in the blazing sun for about 80% of it).

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Also, the only way to get into a resort is w/ an ADR or resort reservation.

We Resort hopped and visited three hotels using mobile food order pick up. At Caribbean Beach Resort Centertown Market this did work for us and we did lyft to the resort. We ate our food then we used the Skyliner.

Please if this doesn’t work for you don’t blame me, but we had zero issues.

Only at the Animal Kingdom lodge(we did pick up at “The Mara”) the guard questioned it, but it was more, “hey you are 30 minutes too soon” not “hey you can’t use quick pick up to get in”. Then he let us in with a smile anyhow.


Absolutely, I am not God, I have no idea if or when Disney will stop allowing this. I will say this, I would tell my own brother do it, it’s going to work, it works as of yesterday and looks to be working this morning on my app. Disney actually knows this goes on and wants our money, they just can’t have people gawking at hotels spending no money taking up space at this time.

I can test it in 2 weeks when I go back, but by then who knows . Everyday I went Disney seemed to be getting more lax on rules and opening up more and more, Disney may be open to far more things in only 2 weeks.

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A better plan for HS and Epcot is to have them drop you at the Swan/Dolphin area and walk from there. If you just want to ride the Skyliner take it at the end of the day and get a Lyft from where you get dropped off, either CBR or International Gateway. We stayed at WBC in October and did this and it worked well.

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Thank you so much for this advice. Makes complete sense and I won’t blame you if it doesn’t work. Why did you go to Animal Kingdom Lodge?

How long is the walk? Never would have thought of going to the Swan. Thanks

15ish minutes, maybe 20 if slower/older/shorter legs.

I have walked from YC to HS in 20 mins - not rushing - (a bit further than Swan or Dolphin and Epcot is around 10 mins from YC. I would say 3 to 5 mins to Swan/Dolphin from YC

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Thanks - trying to avoid having to buy food to be dropped off. Not going for a few months so hopefully that will be gone.

We are ‘hopefully’ at YC 30th Aug to 19th Sept (if US taking visitors from UK). If you specifically wanted to travel Skyliner then it would be 10 to 15 mins walk from Swan/Dolphin to the international entrance to Epcot and the Skyliner station there, just past YC and BC

Also worth noting - I believe the Epcot Skyliner station only operates (roughly) when Epcot is operating. I.e., you cannot take the Epcot Skyliner to open HS in the morning. If you are going to get dropped off at Swan/Dolphin and walk (or boat!) to Epcot to take the Skyliner, make sure it’s running when you go.